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Alexander Normal Turn 4 – The Burden of the Father (Megazord)

We’ll be fighting half a megazord here actually. Two Forelegs and The Manipulator


Right Foreleg and Left Foreleg :
Doesn’t matter which one you kill first.
Once you kill one of them, the other will regenerate to full health for subsequent phases.
Don’t waste your time dividing your DPS. Concentrate on one.
No Directional on these targets

Autohit : Manipulator will hit the person with the highest aggro for about 1.5k every few seconds. It looks like a plasma shot.

Phase 1

Hydrothermal Missile :
A missile would be fired on a random party member, dealing AOE damage around the player.
Spread out, especially you melee people.

Perpetual Ray :
Two blue laser beams will hit two random targets for about 5k damage each.

Random Floor AOE Name:
Periodically 4 random party members will be targeted with a circle AOE that explodes after 3 seconds. This occurs twice in succession.

Bole Drawn :
Blue marker will appear on a random party member (similar to charge marker in Turn 10)
Orange Balls (Boles) will spawn around the side of the field after this and they will slowly accelerate towards the target marked by Bole Drawn.
Boles explode on contact with players dealing about 4k AOE damage around the point of contact.

It is recommended for the tanks to quickly grab aggro of the Foreleg and then proceed to run themselves into the balls.
Each tank can typically take up to 3 Boles without heals but it’s recommended that they both take 2 each and leave the rest to DPS/healers.
When one tank is quarantined, more DPS/healers will need to cover the boles.

Mortal Revolution : Raid wide medium damage AOE signifying end of phase.

Phase 2

Everything from phase 1 plus the following.

Carnage (Magitek Bits & Laser Diffusion) :
6 Magitek Bits will spawn randomly around the perimeter and 3 random bits will line up their targeting sights on a random party member.
Each snipe deals about 3-4k damage.

Have the tanks line up themselves in the targeting line to take the hit for the party.
If one tank is quarantined, one DPS/healer has to cover.
The targeted person will take the last hit.

Quarantine :
1 tank and 1 random DPS will be transported outside the instance to fight a Panzer Doll.
How fast the doll is downed will determine how long your party is understaffed the handle the mechanics still happening in the main arena.

Jagd Doll :
3 Jagd Dolls will spawn at fixed locations around the map.
Each doll will periodically do an AOE which puts a Luminous Aetheroplasm stack on whoever is caught in the AOE.
4 stacks of Aetheroplasm will kill the player instantly.

Have 3 party members (1 tank, 2 DPS) at the ready near each of the spawn locations.
When the dolls spawn, tank them on the spot and zerg them down, they’re not very beefy.
Take note that mechanics like Perpetual Ray and Hydrothermal Missiles are still happening while this is happening.

Phase 3

Everything from Phase 1 plus Phase 2’s Carnage & Laser Diffusion plus the following.

Carnage Zero :
Magitek bits will line up high in the sky on the opposite side of Manipulator.
When cast is finished, random players will be hit by about 3-4k damage each.

Spread out.

Judgement Nisi :
Manipulator will cast Decree Nisi A on one of the healers and Decree Nisi B on the other healer starting at 5 stacks.
1 stack is removed every 5 seconds dealing damage depending on the distance between the healers, the more distance the lesser damage.
Any player that runs through a player with Decree Nisi will receive the same Decree Nisi at 5 stacks.
Any player with both Decree Nisi A and Decree Nisi B debuff will die instantly.
If Decree Nisi A or B does not wear off on the healer when Judgement Nisi is cast, a random party member without the debuff will get the new debuff.

Keep healers apart. Avoid running through the healers when dodging floor aoe and grabbing boles.

Discord :
Manipulator will cast a series of perpetual ray onto the main tank.
It will start off at 3 hits, adding one more hit for every subsequent discord.
This is the soft enrage mechanic for this instance.
This will go off at the same time that boles are spawning.

Main tank needs to save cooldowns to deal with this mechanic.
Healers might need to pre-mitigate after Carnage and spam heals as best as you can to cover the main tank and people taking the boles

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